Stay Secure And Stay Functional - Tips For Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

Home ownership can be an incredibly rewarding accomplishment, but it also comes with some unexpected challenges. You have to do your best to maximize your knowledge of all the moving parts in your home, and your garage door is included among those. By taking careful steps, you can be sure to have a door that never lets you down and stays secure.

Below, you'll find a guide to some preventative maintenance steps you can take in order to make sure your garage door is always at its best. These small actions can prevent larger fixes from being necessary, and can provide substantial relief to your wallet as well as your peace of mind.

Weather Strip Replacement

One of the biggest advantages to having a garage as part of your home is never having to stress about the effects the weather has on your vehicles. However, if weather stripping fails, you could find yourself handling unexpected frost or even a sudden flood that can cost you excessive amounts of time and money.

Regular replacement of the weather stripping on your door is an essential part of maintaining a solid seal and keeping the door secure. Keep an eye out for any signs of peeling or cracking, and when you note that damage, make an attempt to replace the stripping around the entire door. This will help guarantee that the seals stay even and unseen damage is repaired.

Proper Lubrication

Any mechanical system that involves metal moving against metal will be susceptible to damage from friction. In the case of a garage door, this damage can cause the door to be improperly seated or even at risk of collapse. That's a remarkably expensive proposition that also risks your home's security.

Make sure that you follow all manufacturer recommendations for frequency of lubrication and the type of grease that should be used on the door. Any unusual grinding or squeaking sounds should also be noted, as they may be a sign that a lubricating touch up is necessary.

Cable Checking

The high tension cables and springs which operate your garage door hold a great deal of force that can be a serious danger if they're ever snapped. Any sign of damage should be noted immediately, as being in the path of a breaking garage door spring will risk bodily injury to you or your loved ones. Scheduling regular inspections to check for damage can allow you to get ahead of a tragic situation and make sure that asymmetrical forces don't expedite that risk.