Stay Away From Tension Springs: Signs Of Malfunctioning Garage Door Springs

The garage door springs on your automatic garage door system are tightly coiled pieces of metal that can cause you serious injury if you are close when they snap. If you ever hear a loud banging noise in your garage, this can be a tension spring on your garage door snapping suddenly. It's loud, and you should never adjust your garage door springs on your own because it isn't safe to do so. Read More 

What Can Be Done About A Loud Garage Door

If you have a detached garage, you may not think that a loud garage door is much of a problem. However, it may be an issue if the garage is attached. Having a garage located beneath a bedroom can cause some disruptions, especially if the noise is waking people up at night. You do not have to accept that your garage door is loud forever, since you can do the following things. Read More