Maintenance Tips To Avoid Costly Garage Door Repairs And Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door

The garage door is probably one of the largest movable parts in your home. It is made up of several movable components that help the door operate smoothly. Unfortunately, the garage door is also typically one of the most neglected areas of a home and many homeowners wait until they need repairs before considering doing something to extend the life of their garage door. When it comes to maintaining the look and function of your home, maintaining the garage door is just as important as maintaining the other features in your home.  With regular maintenance, it is not uncommon for a garage door to last several decades to a lifetime. Here are a few tips to help you extend the lifespan of your garage door.

Give it a Good Cleaning

It is important that you treat the garage door like any other part of your house and regularly give it a good cleaning. Using liquid dishwashing soap and warm water, simply scrub anything that looks dusty and dirty, especially the areas that are subject to dirt, dust, and environmental pollution. Applying a fresh coat of paint every few years will also help to keep it looking more appealing.

Keep the Parts Moving

Over time, continuous use of the moving parts of the garage door will suffer wear and tear. While you can usually avoid buying an entirely new door by simply replacing the worn parts, this can sometimes be avoided altogether. It is extremely important to regularly lubricate the cables, roller, panels and springs; doing so will help to prevent them from working harder than they need to and save you the cost of replacing the worn parts or the entire door.

Inspect the Safety Sensors

It is important to make sure the safety sensors are always working correctly. To check the sensors; place something in front of the beam then attempt to close the door. If the sensors are working correctly the door will stop immediately and begin to reverse. You can also check to make sure the reverse system is working by holding a broom handle or other object out and in front of you while the door is closing. If the sensors are working correctly, the door will stop and begin to reverse.

Check the Balance

A garage door that is improperly balanced can cause problems with the functionality of the door as well as put pressure on the door opener, so it is essential that you regularly check the balance of the door. To check the garage door balance, lift the door approximately two feet off of the ground, and then step back. If the door is off balance it will begin to close by itself. If it does need to be balanced, it is important to contact a professional residential garage door repair company and not attempt to make the repairs on your own.

Routine inspections and basic maintenance are the easiest ways to prolong the life of your garage door. Routine inspections will also help to determine if repairs are needed sooner rather than later, which can save you both time and money. If you are experiencing problems, such as a grinding noise or occasional jerks, there is typically a problem with the door that requires immediate attention. It is important to keep in mind that a malfunctioning garage door can be extremely dangerous, so it is recommended that you always contact a company experienced in garage door repairs instead of risking an injury by attempting to do the work yourself.