3 Things To Know About Fixing The Spring On Your Garage Door

If the spring on your garage door needs to be replaced, there are a few things that you need to understand before you hire someone or attempt to fix the springs yourself.

#1 Springs Hold Back a Lot of Tension

The first thing that you need to understand is that your garage door springs hold back a lot of tension. They can hold back thousands of pounds of force and weight. They play a very serious job within your garage door. Your garage door is actually really heavy, and your springs are what makes it possible for you to manually open and close your garage door. They handle a lot of weight, and they have to be treated with care.

You should not attempt to remove or replace a garage door spring if you do not know how to handle it. If you don't remove the spring correctly, it could fly in any direction, and potentially hurt you, someone near you, or items in your garage. If you don't take the spring off right, all of that force is going to be expelled outward.

#2 Keep Your Garage Door Closed

If your springs have become broken, until you fix your springs, you are not going to want to open or close your garage door. As mentioned above, your garage door springs help hold the weight of your garage door. When the springs break, it can be really hard to open or close your garage door manual. Opening and closing your garage door without a spring in place could cause damage to the other components of your garage door.

#3 Get The Right Springs

There are multiple types of springs that are used on garage doors. To ensure that you get the right springs, take a picture of the spring setup and bring that with you when you go to purchase replacement parts. Also, measure all the components of the springs that you can see as well. Having a picture along with measurements will help you ensure that you get the right springs to replace the broken spring on your garage door.

Your garage door springs can contain a lot of tension, so be very careful with your garage door if the springs break. Leave your garage door as it is, either open or closed, take pictures of the spring set-up, and get the right parts. Make sure you understand how to replace the spring or get professional assistance with your garage spring repair to ensure that you don't get injured.