What Can Be Done About A Loud Garage Door

If you have a detached garage, you may not think that a loud garage door is much of a problem. However, it may be an issue if the garage is attached. Having a garage located beneath a bedroom can cause some disruptions, especially if the noise is waking people up at night. You do not have to accept that your garage door is loud forever, since you can do the following things.

Inspect The Rollers

One part of your garage door that sees a lot of wear over the years are the rollers. Rollers that are old can easily contribute to the noise problem, especially if you cannot remember the last time they were lubricated. Try applying silicone lubricant to the moving parts of the rollers and see if that causes the garage door to be quieter.

Unfortunately, you may have rollers that cannot be fixed with simple lubricant. You'll need to replace these rollers with brand new parts to fix the problem. While it's tempting to replace rollers with the exact kind that you currently have on the door, consider making the switch to a new type of roller that will be quieter. There are rollers made with nylon that will not be as loud as their metal counterpart.

Change The Opener's Mount

Look at what your garage door opener is mounted to, since that could be contributing to the noise. The noise could be from support beams that are shaking items on top of it. The support beams could also be attached to the ceiling, which is vibrating the floor beneath a bedroom. Consider mounting the opener in a different way that will minimize vibration. For example, install a crossbar that is attached to the sides of the garage to reduce vibration on the ceiling.

Upgrade The Opener

Sometimes the problem with noise is due to the old age of an automatic door opener that is in need of replacement. Use this as an opportunity to switch to a brand new opener with an operating method that can cut down on noise. A opener that's chain driven could benefit from being swapped with an opener that's belt driven. The belt will glide when moving rather than cause vibrations.

If you need help changing the mount or installing a new opener, reach out to a local garage door service company, like Edgemont Garage Door Service, for assistance. They'll be able to help cut down on the noise that the opener is making in your home.