Stay Away From Tension Springs: Signs Of Malfunctioning Garage Door Springs

The garage door springs on your automatic garage door system are tightly coiled pieces of metal that can cause you serious injury if you are close when they snap. If you ever hear a loud banging noise in your garage, this can be a tension spring on your garage door snapping suddenly. It's loud, and you should never adjust your garage door springs on your own because it isn't safe to do so. Even when you notice that your garage door doesn't stay all the way open or your opener is straining, don't touch the garage door springs on your own. Call a professional tension spring repair service to see whether your springs need to be adjusted or replaced so you don't get hurt.

Your Garage Door Opener Is Straining

Garage door openers will last close to 15 years. If you have been running your opener with a loose tension spring, the life expectancy of your garage door opener can decrease quickly. The opener may not have enough power going to it, causing the slow-moving door. This could be an issue with the power supply, or with the wiring to the unit. A more common problem is when the tension spring isn't holding the weight of the door as it opens and closes. This makes the opener strain and burnout faster.

The Door Won't Stay Open

Once you open your garage door all the way, it's supposed to stay open. If your door shuts even a few inches, you could have a loose tension spring. If the door shuts a foot or more, your tension spring is at high risk of snapping. If your tension spring snaps when the garage door is fully open, the door comes crashing down no matter what is in the way. This is a safety hazard, and you will need to have your garage door springs serviced before this happens.

The Door Opens Too Fast

While not common, you might see your garage door opening way too fast. This can cause abnormal wear and tear on all moving parts and will break down your system faster. If your tension springs are too tight, they can pull too hard on your door as it opens.

If you have problems with the tension springs on your garage door, call for help from a garage door springs service right away. Don't touch the tension springs on your own. If a spring snaps, you are putting yourself and your family at risk