4 Signs That You Need A New Garage Door

The ability to close your garage door with the ease of a button click is not something the average person spends much time thinking about until suddenly the door won't close. Only then do we often appreciate how convenient and timesaving garage doors truly are. If you have a garage door that's acting up, it's important to get it repaired right away to secure your home and your possessions, but sometimes the door is beyond repair. Here are four signs that it's time for a garage door replacement.

Persistent Noise

Garage doors have a lot of moving parts and that can sometimes lead to noises after a period of wear and tear. But if you're following all the proper steps to reduce noise and repair noise-causing problems but the problem still persists, it might be time to opt for a replacement door. The latest garage door options are quieter than ever. The quietest types of garage doors are those with belt driven and jackshaft mechanisms.


One of the major reasons for a garage door is that it provides safety and security for your home. Once that safety is compromised, it should be replaced. The reasons for the lack of safety can be varied. For example, if your garage door mechanism fails and keeps triggering it to open, the security is compromised. If the sensor that keeps the door from closing while obstructed is broken, the safety is compromised. But the reason can also be that your system is simply out-of-date and therefor easily hacked or bypassed. Safety and security are essential and new garage door models have fantastic safety features worth exploring.


No garage door, even the most expensive door with the latest and greatest tech options, opens immediately. It always takes a few seconds. However, a problem arises when your door starts to take longer and longer to open. When that opening time starts to increase, the door's motor might be deteriorating and it's time to replace it.

The Look

Just because a door functions, doesn't mean it's the right door for your house. Garage doors are susceptible to dings and dents, scrapes and scratches. But your garage door is a big part of your home's curb appeal. If the appearance of your garage door is bad, it negatively affects the entire appearance of your home. That's not just an aesthetic problem; it can also be a property value problem, especially if you're thinking you might sell your home sometime in the future.

If you notice any of the above issues in your garage door, it might be time for a replacement. Contact a garage door supplier, like https://shankdoor.com, near you.