3 Benefits Of Automatic Garage Door Openers

The same way a programmable thermostat regulates indoor temperatures to your comfort or an automated coffee maker wakes you up with a hot cup of coffee, so would an automatic garage door benefit your lifestyle. Aside from the obvious convenience of automation systems, garage door openers have many other advantages. Read this post to learn why you should automate your old garage door.

1. Automation Secures Your Garage

Security should be paramount for any homeowner who has a garage. You should install a garage door opener that secures your car and the equipment you keep in the garage. Electric openers have rolling codes that keep unauthorized persons out of the garage. Each time you operate the remote control, the codes change, making it impossible for burglars to guess the passcode.

Modern openers also come with a feature that allows you to disable the garage door's remote controls when you're away on vacation. Vacation mode prevents burglars from accessing the garage in your absence by scanning the remote control keypad. You can leave home knowing that opportunistic robbers cannot successfully break into the garage.

An additional feature is the motion-activated lights that notify you when there's someone near your garage. These lights also discourage intruders from attempting a break-in in the future.

2. An Automatic Garage Door Boosts Safety

Unfortunately, many people sustain injuries from their garage doors. These accidents can be as minor as a painful pinch during operation or as serious as being crushed when the door is closing.

For this reason, it's only natural that you have safety concerns regarding your garage door. Sometimes, garage door accidents happen due to improper installation, and other times, the door can crush you even if it's in ship shape.

To avoid these domestic accidents, install an automatic garage door opener with integrated safety features. The first feature is photoelectric eye sensor beams that monitor the door's path to ensure it doesn't accidentally close on one of your family members. The second feature is an anti-entrapment device that reverses your garage door when there's an obstacle in its path.

3. Garage Door Automation Conserves Energy

Old garage door openers consume more energy than modern garage door openers because they strain during operation. A lot of energy also gets lost in standby mode.

Upgrading to an electric garage door opener boosts your home's energy efficiency. Automatic garage door openers only consume energy when necessary. Homeowners who upgrade their garage door openers spend much less money on energy bills.

If this post has convinced you of the advantages of automatic garage door openers, don't hesitate to contact a garage door company, such as Raynor Door Company, for an upgrade.