Check Out The Things That May Cause Your Garage Door To Open Slowly

You're likely to be frustrated when your garage door begins to open slower than usual. If you haven't encountered such a problem before, it can be difficult to tell what may be the cause of your issue. Usually, such a problem could be a result of the wrong speed setting. It can also be due to serious issues like a failing garage door opener. Regardless of the cause, the best way to ensure that the issue is effectively resolved is by seeking the help of a door repair professional for repairs. Here's a detailed outline of a few things that could cause your door to open slowly.

Using Incorrect Setting

Depending on the garage door model you're using, they'll come fitted with a speed control setting to ensure that your door closes at a specific speed for safety reasons. So, if your door opens slower than usual, inspect whether the issue could be a wrongly configured control setting. If this isn't the cause of your problem, call a repair technician to inspect your garage door and advise on the need for repairs.

Your Door Parts Are Likely Poorly Lubricated

The garage door moving parts need proper lubrication to operate efficiently. It's designed to ensure that your door operates smoothly, which puts less strain on different door parts, like the opener. You should also use the recommended spray lubricant on the moving parts. It's also advisable not to lubricate plastic hinges. When it comes to nylon rollers, ensure that you lubricate the door bearings and not the wheels.

Your Door Is Getting Old and Probably Outdated

If you've been using your door for quite a long time, it will likely develop different issues that will cause it to operate slowly. This is especially the case if it's almost approaching the end of its useful life. A common problem with most old doors is that the mechanical components have begun to wear out, making them less likely to function as they once did. This is likely attributed to issues like a torsion spring or rollers that have started to wear out. Your door tracks may also be bent if it's been a while before your last maintenance, so contact a garage door servicing company to inspect your door and replace any worn-out parts. 

You Likely Have Issues With The Door Opener

If your door opener is faulty, you likely have issues with your automatic opener. If you have an older opener, it's likely to have lower horsepower than when it's new and can cause your door to operate slowly. When you replace your garage door, you should expect a faster cycle.

Different things can cause your garage door not to open quickly. If you're experiencing slow operation, contact a garage door servicing company to inspect whether it could be any of the problems highlighted above.