Three Garage Door Mistakes To Avoid

Your automatic garage door makes your life easier, but only when it's working properly. Mistakes that lead to a breakdown can make the door impossible to open automatically and difficult to open manually. Fortunately, knowing about the mistakes can be key to avoiding them. #1: Ignoring basic track maintenance The tracks are the main conduit for a smoothly operating garage door, so it is vital that they are properly maintained. The good news is that this is relatively easy to do on your own. Read More 

Stay Secure And Stay Functional - Tips For Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

Home ownership can be an incredibly rewarding accomplishment, but it also comes with some unexpected challenges. You have to do your best to maximize your knowledge of all the moving parts in your home, and your garage door is included among those. By taking careful steps, you can be sure to have a door that never lets you down and stays secure. Below, you'll find a guide to some preventative maintenance steps you can take in order to make sure your garage door is always at its best. Read More 

How To Fix Rust On Garage Doors

If you have metal garage door rust, you don't have to replace the door. However, you must get to it right away, or the rust could eat a hole in the door, leaving it open to water and dirt.  Rust can occur from the salt from the roads in winter along with the elements. The bottom panel is especially prone to rust. Here are tips to fix a rusty garage door. Read More